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    Signature Series

    We are honored to present you the biggest brands, athletes and events trusting in NINJAZ to produce their gloves!


    World's first Quadrupple backflip

    World's first Quadrupple backflip

    Jed Mildon (NZ) was the first person in the world to land a quadrupple flip on a bmx

    More then <br>10 X-GAMES Medals

    More then
    10 X-GAMES Medals

    With more then 10 X games medals NINJAZ has proven to have the best riders in the world

    First Tripple crown <br>winner

    First Tripple crown

    Nicholi Rogatkin was the first rider in history to win all 3 stops of the legendary Cranckworx tour

    Red Bull Rampage winner 2014

    Red Bull Rampage winner 2014

    Spanish madman Andreu Lacondeguy won the Red Bull Rampage competition in 2014 wearing NINJAZ


    We teamed up with SPECT Eyewear to create the greatest goggle you wanna ride!

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