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    The NINJAZ brand was founded back in 2011 by three friends: Svetko Baltic, director and teammanager, Alexandra Primig, customer service and financial manager, and Steven “Stoica” Stuyven, head designer since day one.

    Former professional snowboarder Svetko loved the idea of starting an action sports brand and with the help of his long-term friend and designer Stoica they decided to produce an action sports glove named NINJAZ. With the limitless support and under the watchfull eye of Alex the adventure started.

    The name NINJAZ represents the action sports athletes of today who are seen as the contemporary NINJAZ by Svetko.

    Based in Austria, NINJAZ has been extremely successful in establishing international presence at the world’s biggest events and competitions.

    With the impressive team line-up, NINJAZ has proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

    Be NINJAZ!